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Ages  5+

Ballet is an important foundation and stepping stone into the higher grades and levels of dance. Ballet teaches good posture, correct technique and sets a strong foundation for all styles of dance.

We are proud to offer RAD Examination Opportunity's and RAD classes.

Primary - Advance Grades

(Please note that RAD Ballet grades do not correspond with school grades)

Dance Class, Baldivis, Ballet

Class Times:

Ages 5-6  |  Primary

Ages 9+  |  Grade 5

Ages 6-7  |  Grade 1

Ages 11+  |  Grade 6

Ages 8+  |  Grade 2

Ages 12+  |  Grade 7

Ages 8+  |  Grade 3

Ages 13+  |  Grade 8

Ages 9+  |  Grade 4

Ages 12+  |  Vocational Grade

*Please note that a trial may be needed to determine which class is most suitable for your child. Age is a rough indicator only and students may need to complete a lower grade before they are ready to move up.

Pointe Classes:

By invitation


Adv. Pointe

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