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Tiny Dancers

Ages 1.5-5

Tiny classes are specifically designed for tiny bodies! These classes are separated by genre so that children can begin to experience the best of Ballet & Jazz, Tap, Irish and Acro. As students get older they will be prepared to transition into the graded classes. These 30 minute classes are perfect to help you and your child discover their love for dancing!

For more information about Tinies Classes: CLICK HERE


Ages  5+

Ballet is an important foundation and stepping stone into the higher grades and levels of dance. Ballet teaches good posture, correct technique, and sets a strong foundation for all styles of dance.

We are proud to offer RAD Examination Opportunities and RAD classes.


Ages  5+

Students will learn from the International Dance Technique Syllabus. This will give students a strong foundation in a style that is highly choreographed. Students will learn different movements as well as expression and style. It is a combination of lyrical and funk with the technical foundations of ballet. This is a fast-paced and upbeat class.


Ages  5+

Contemporary is a modern dance form founded on classical technique where students learn to use levels and dynamics to express their interpretation of the music. Students will learn PBT based Contemporary techniques as well as syllabus work from ISTD.

This is strictly a Contemporary only class. We strongly believe that while similar, Lyrical and Contemporary are 2 different genres and should not be taught together.


Ages  5+

Students will learn from a specialized in-house tap syllabus. Tap teaches students to find the rhythm and beat in the music as well as improve their coordination skills. This is a fun and upbeat class where students get to discover how to dance to different rhythms as well as incorporating a bit of funk and style into their tap.


Ages  5+

Students in this class will spend time learning the more difficult style of Acrobatics. This class will incorporate conditioning to ensure students can safely complete the skills taught as well as different elements of Tumbling, Gymnastics and Contortion.

Musical Theatre

Ages  5+

Dancing - Singing - Acting

Students will learn about world-famous Musical Theatre shows and learn excerpts to hone their skills in the 3 areas of performing arts.

Private vocal lessons are also available upon request.

Vocal Training

Ages  5+

Vocal training equips students with the tools and techniques to sing and perform to their best. Students will learn how to safely and properly warm up their voices, how to listen and understand music accompaniment. As well as understanding the basics of singing such as pitch, musicality and dynamics.

For more information about vocal and music training CLICK HERE


Ages  4+

Our Irish classes are run by Jenny from O'Hare School of Irish Dancing.

Students learn the traditional steps of Ireland in both Soft and Hard shoes. Classes cater for students of all ages and abilities!

Competitions and Exams are also on offer.


Ages  6+

Basic drama classes introduce students to the basic skills of physical and emotional acting through the study of different acting methods and exercises. Drama students study characters and learn how to portray a dramatic character. Students will study different scripts from a variety of playwrights. Acting skills are developed through improvisations, scene work, focused theater exercises, group work, and monologues.




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