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catering to all ages and abilities. At Momentum, classes are strictly capped so that each student can get the individual attention that suits their learning needs.


A safe, fun, and encouraging dance school, bringing together

 a community and building up the next generation of dancers.

02        SERVICES



Recreational Program

All students are welcome in our recreational program! Classes are held throughout the week catering to dancers of all ages and abilities! Students are offered a range of styles including:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Musical Theatre
  • Singing & Vocal Training
  • Acrobatics
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Irish
  • Drama
Students are given the opportunity to complete exams and all students are encouraged to particpate in our end of year concert!

Company Program

Our Company Program is split in to 2 streams: Performance Team The Performance Team is 3 large troupes that particpate in local shows and markets. Students are given the opportunity to perform 2-3 times a year on stage without being adjudicated or marked. This is the perfect program for students who love to be on stage without the competitive atmoshpere! Competition Team The Competition Team is made up of Lyrical, Jazz and Contemporary Troupes for a range of ages from 8&under - 16&over. Students are given the opportunity to compete 1-3 times a year as part of their large troupe! Solos and Duos are also offered to competition students from 4 years and over!

Discovery and Enhancement Program

Discovery Program // Ages 7-9 The first in our half day programs. For the passionate student wishing to pursue their love for dance, the discovery program is designed to enhance and equip dancers with a strong technical foundation. This program has been created to couple perfectly with their recreational classes. This Half Day Program is an intensive that runs on Fridays 1.30pm onwards. Enhancment Program // Ages 10+ The first in our half day programs. For students who may or may not have completed the Discovery Program. The Enhancement Program is designed to build students up and bring their training to the next level, equipping them to be strong and technically sound dancers. This program has been created to couple perfectly with their recreational classes. This Half Day Program is an intensive that runs on Fridays 1.30pm onwards.

Apprenticeship and Certificate Program

Apprenticeship Program // Ages 12+ Students who wish to keep their learning part time may continue to study under the enhancement program. For the student who seeks a career in dance, be it performer, choreographer or teacher, the Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide exactly that.
As well as advancing students technical dance ability and skill, the apprenticeship program allows students to begin building teaching skills and choreography skills. This is a Full Day Program running on Fridays, 9am onwards. Certificate Program // Ages 16+ The Certificate Program has been established to provide students with real world qualifications so they may step in to the performing arts industry equipped to face an job opportunity that arrises.

  • Certificate II ... Dance Training
  • Certificate III ... Dance Training
  • Certificate IV ... Dance Training & Management (Teaching)
Times for these courses may vary depending on course requirements.


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"I Can not speak highly enough of Momentum performing arts academy and Miss Laura, her commitment and patience towards her students is astounding. Laura has taught my daughter perseverance, resilience, and respect.
I have just loved watching my daughter's confidence grow tenfold, Which is more than I could have asked for when I was enrolling my child to learn to dance." 
- Rose M.

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